The House on Old Bellamy Road

The House on Old Bellamy Road

Robert Glazer was one of the finest men I’ve ever known and it was an honor to call him my friend. Over the past decade we grew very close and today I feel the loss of a true brother. I wrote this poem for Bob years ago about the old farm house. Now in memory of my dear friend I share it with you.

The House on Old Bellamy Road

There’s a place I go on On Old Bellamy Road,
to renew my tattered soul.
To wrestle demons from years gone by,
till they no longer have control.

It’s there beneath the old oak trees,
I come to know myself.
Like a book my life is opened up,
once taken from the shelf.

Each chapter tells a different tell,
of pain and triumph too.
For each life has it’s ups and downs,
this much we know is true.

I treasure the time I’ve spent up there,
beneath the moss filled pines.
And I treasure the kindness of this man,
who’s become a friend of mine.

I share with him my deepest pain,
all heartaches from the past.
He helps bring out my inner strength,
to find my peace at last.

And when I leave I feel renewed,
by this peace that I have found.
There’s something about this old house,
that sits on hallowed ground.

And the man who dwells within this place,
he has a special gift.
He’s the mender of all broken hearts,
and souls that need relit.

Bob, I love and miss you my friend but I know I’ll see you again. Rest in peace my brother.

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